Real Estate Agents: How can Property Styling make a difference?

An increasing number of real estate agents use propery styling as part of their marketing strategy. A house that is on the market for sale is like a product that needs to be merchandised and marketed. Part of it is selling a lifestyle and an experience. 

Why is New View Interiors different?

Let me start by clarifying that Home Staging or Property Styling as it is often called is not just hiring furniture and styling vacant homes. Yes, a lot of companies specialise on that part of the job. I take a broader approach and offer advice on a range of issues that would increase the saleability of the house. 

It's a three part process:

  1. Consultation (Pre-sale assessment) by a Property stylist to identify what needs to be done to enhance the appeal of the house.
  2. Home owner completes work recommended in the consultation e.g. painting, maintenance or removing/adding items.
  3. Staging of the House including arranging furniture, art and accessories.

Most people still live in their house while it is on the market and it is perfect for them to live in, but not necessarily perfect to sell. I can help with the preparation e.g. decluttering if needed. A Property Stylist usually only recommends cosmetic changes to a house, but that can make all the difference! Here are a few more reasons:

  • Photos: People usually start their search online. It is extremely important to ensure that buyers are attracted by what they see.
  • Competition: The more buyers are interested in a property, the more likely it is to create competition which leads to a higher price point. 
  • Faster sale: Focus on what you do best which is selling, and leave the presentation of the property to the stylist. A well presented house usually sells faster and for a higher price. Time is money! If a property sells fast you can soon focus on other properties.
  • Solutions: Property stylists can address the “uncomfortable” topics- Bad odours? Clutter? Pets? Cleanliness?

I offer Consultation Packages to real estate agents. Please contact me for details.


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