What is Home Staging and Property Styling?

Property Styling- also called Home Staging makes a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. Property Styling is the process of marketing and preparing a home for sale. It can be achieved through updates and repairs, optimal furniture arrangement and accessorising for the target buyer.

Decluttering is part of preparing a home for sale that will help eliminate any distractions that could prevent buyers from seeing the true potential and value of a home.  The buyer has to be able to imagine themselves in the space. 

Is Property Styling expensive? 

You can choose to spend as much, or as little as your budget allows. It is often enough to just invest in a consultation. I am very flexible and resourceful. In any case, I will endavour to make the most of your money!

Do you replace all my furniture with hire furniture?

This may be the case on tv and in some suburbs, but this isn't always practical or realistic for your life circumstances. I understand that you may need to live in your house while it is on the market.  My goal is always to work with your furniture and accessories. 

Why should I spend money on a home that I'm selling?

Investing in the minor updates/repairs will help to maximize your return on what is probably your largest asset.  Even if it's a small repair it's better to take care of it than have it become a distraction for the buyer.  Buyers need to emotionally connect with the house as they walk through. They should not have to think of all the work that they still need to do or looking for the hidden potential. Today's buyers have high expectations and are less likely to purchase a house if they perceive that it needs work.   

Where do you work?

Based in Chelsea Heights, I mainly work in Melbourne’s Bayside, South-East and the Mornington Peninsula. If there is a project outside this area or you are not sure, please still enquire and I will let you know.

How do I pay?

I accept card payment, cash and bank transfer. The payment is due on the day of the service. If I hire furniture, I will specify a due date as part of the contract.

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